About Us

About Us

Hobart Employees established the credit union in 1950 for Hobart Employees and their immediate families.  Originally, the credit union was called Hobart Manufacturing Credit Union.  In 2003, the name was changed to HTM Area Credit Union opening the doors to not only Hobart Employees but to anyone who lives, works or worships in Miami County, Ohio.  Knowing that the Hobart Employees and their immediate families were still the heart and core of the credit union at that time, the new name, HTM Area Credit Union reflects this.  H stands for Hobart, T stands for Troy, and M stands for Miami County.

Over the years we have come a long way and have become a full service credit union offering products and services that meet our members’ needs.

HTM is a nonprofit, state-chartered & insured credit union formed for the purpose of combining our members’ funds to offer cooperative rates.

The credit union is located at 847 West Main Street in Troy.

Our motto:
“Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better.”