Membership Account

  • Retains the initial membership deposit and is the pass through account for payroll deposits.

K Account 

  • A secondary share account under the membership account number.  Can be used to set aside funds for specific reasons.

Christmas Club 

  • Offers members the opportunity to set aside funds for the holiday season over and above their regular savings.

Vacation Club

  • Member can save up for that summer vacation trip.

Checking Account

HTM Area Credit Union interest bearing regular checking accounts have no monthly fees, no per check charge and no minimum balance requirements.

Rewards 55 Checking is offered to our members 55 years of age or older.  With direct deposit our members enjoy the benefits of our regular share draft accounts plus:

  • Free checks (4 boxes per year)
  • An extra 10% on certificate rates
  • Savings of 25% off loan rates

If account is closed within 18 months there is a $20.00 closing fee.


  • The credit union offers Traditional IRA Accounts and Roth Accounts

IRA Share Accounts

  • Start your IRA account by depositing to this account.
  •  A small deposit every payday can assist in your retirement planning.

IRA Term Share Certificates

  • Funds are invested for a defined period.

Term Share Certificates

  • Depositing funds into a Term Share or IRA Term Share Certificate.
  • The member earns a rate for a defined period of time.

Credit Cards

  • 10.9% APR
  • No Annual Fees

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